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Cyprus Welcomes Tech Talent with Streamlined Citizenship Path – Exciting news for tech professionals!

Fidescorp Limited > News > Cyprus Welcomes Tech Talent with Streamlined Citizenship Path – Exciting news for tech professionals!
Cyprus Welcomes Tech Talent with Streamlined Citizenship

On November 30, 2023, Cyprus took a major step towards attracting and retaining highly skilled individuals in the technology sector. Amendments to the Civil Registry Law aim to modernize the naturalization process, making it easier for tech professionals and their families to become Cypriot citizens. It is important to note that the bill is pending government approval before it becomes effective.

Here’s what you need to know:

Applicants must fulfill the following main criteria:

  • Maintain legal and continuous physical presence in Cyprus for the twelve months preceding the naturalization application (with periods of absence not exceeding a total of 90 days).
  • Have legal physical residence in Cyprus for at least seven out of ten years preceding the aforementioned 12-month period (with periods of absence not exceeding a total of 90 days per year).
  • Demonstrate good character and possess a clean criminal record.
  • Have the intention to reside in Cyprus.
  • Be financially self-sufficient and have a suitable place of residence.
  • Exhibit sufficient knowledge of the Greek language (certification of basic knowledge, Level B1), and basic awareness of the country’s political and social status.

Special provisions for individuals with high skills in the technology sector include:

  • Reduction of the seven-year residency requirement (out of the last ten) to four years for applicants with a Greek language certificate of A2 level, and three years if the certificate is of B1 level.
  • Family members of applicants, including spouses or civil partners, may apply for naturalization under the same conditions, with language proficiency requirements identical to those of the applicants.
  • Adult children of applicants reaching adulthood (18 years) during the processing of their parent’s application are considered minors under the law and are eligible for naturalization. Dependent adult children with disabilities are also eligible.

The key amendments primarily pertain to the duration of residence required for foreign nationals before they can apply for naturalization, as well as their proficiency in the Greek language. Special provisions are also in place for individuals with advanced qualifications and skills in the technology sector.

Applications from highly specialized professionals undergo a ‘fast-track’ examination, not exceeding eight months, subject to a prescribed fee. The specific details of this process and the relevant fee are expected to be determined through a Ministerial decision.

It is important to highlight that applications for citizenship submitted before these amendments will be assessed under the new criteria outlined above.

This initiative not only bolsters the country’s standing as a continually evolving international business hub but is also anticipated to promote innovation, nurture local talent, and stimulate economic growth.

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