Trusts & Succession Planning

“Tailor-made” solutions, designed for your needs

Each case, has it’s particularities. Fidescorp custom approach ensures that the provided services on Trusts and Succession Planning, meet the needs of the client.

Fidescorp team can advise clients in relation to the formation, management and administration of Cyprus International Trusts or Trusts and Foundations in other jurisdictions.

Whether it be for probate avoidance, succession planning, asset protection, privacy or wealth management, our Trustees will act prudently and conscious in line with their statutory duty of care and the Settlor’s wishes

Key Services

  • Trust advice
  • Personal asset and tax planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Investment structuring
  • Probate work and estate administration
  • Assist with the establishment and administration of local and international trusts.Act as Corporate Trustee
  • Make distributions to beneficiaries in accordance with the instructions of the Settlor
  • Open and manage all bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad
  • Maintain the trust’s accounting records
  • Liaise with fund managers for the operation of investment accounts

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